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Latest Analysis - Romanian Market

SIF Oltenia (SIF5) - Technical Analysis

In the recent sessions the investors have established a support at 1.3000 RON area by buying shares...

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Erste Group Bank (EBS) - Technical Analysis

The Erste Group Bank stock price remains in the mid-term rising trend...

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OMV Petrom (SNP) - Technical Analysis

The SNP stock price slightly rose from the support area at 0.3920 RON, without being supported by high volumes...

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Latest Analysis - International Markets

DAX Index Analysis 2012.11.13

The daily chart of the german index DAX retested in today’s session the support area at 7100...

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Home Depot (HD) - Resuming the correction. 2012.06.06

Home Depot shares price reached the $50.00 area by the end of May but the bears proved to be stronger and pushed the ...

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Bank Of America - reversal signals. 2012.06.01

Bank of America shares broke out of the descending channel a few days ago and the T1 trend line was already ...

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